About Us


Our name was inspired by a charming, loving, gentle dog that we had the pleasure of having in our lives for 9 years. Hank was an adopted mixed breed dog that our friends called the Cow Dog because of his unique markings. We miss him dearly but we know he will always be with us in spirit. We always wanted to provide Oklahoma City with a unique coffee shop so we decided to name it Hank’s in honor of our unique, loving dog that gave us so much joy throughout the years.

Our vision is to provide great coffee and efficient service at a a fair price. We have done our best to create a welcoming atmosphere by combining vintage charm with modern amenities. We will also serve great wine, a few delicious beers, several different types of tea and some great food! Come check out our new place, relax, enjoy some coffee, check your email or whatever and enjoy what we have created.

Patio coming soon!

Come check out Midtown’s great new addition. Hank’s Coffee Shop is now open at 1227 N. Walker Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73103